Chengdu West Industry Co., Ltd.

CWL Bearing specializes in exporting all kinds of bearings and accessories,We are solutions provider of bearing technology. We can provide Design service, Technical Service, Warehouse service, After-sales service.

Design Service


If your requirements are not met from our standard range of bearings, we would be pleased to offer a bespoke product design to suit your particular requirements.

For clients new design sample,we also can test it and do our design base on the sample.We offer solutions through service life calculation, finite element analysis, and other similar technology, which increases the operational efficiency of equipment and improves productivity.

Technical Service

We have a strong technical team which is constituted by experienced and skillful product engineers, bearing R&D engineers,which able to provide comprehensive technical services to our customers.

Bearing test. If clients meet some quality problem,we can firstly ask the photo or video to analyse the reason with short time. We can do test like : chemical composition, metallographic analysis, size, noise, hardness, profile, roundness, residual magnetism, etc.


Warehouse Service


We have build our own warehouse about 1000 square meter. All goods before shipment,it can go to our warehouse.It will be test in our Laboratory, then marking by laser marking machinery. Do good quality color box and stronger carton. All pallet have do our design and have do load test. It can be sure that the pallet is not any damage when client get the goods.

If customer have special requirements of marking and packing,It could be made as the right requirement in our warehouse.

After-sales Service

Quality Assurance:All goods will be inspected before ship to the customer.

We will also provide the service as below:
1.Following up with the goods status to ensure timely delivery.
2.Updating the customers about the transit of the goods.
3.We can provide our clients with specific training on the installation, maintenance, use and application of bearing products.
4.Fast after sales service post complaint.