Bearings for agricultural equipment

Agricultural equipment is any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming,such as tractor , combine harvesters, Sprayers,field choppers, beet harvesters and the many mounted implements for ploughing, harvesting and fertilising, the drive systems for mobile agricultural engineering machines all use bearings. These bearings have to operate in moisture, abrasion , high mechanical loads and more extreme conditions than many other applications.

The Agricultural bearings used also have to be tailored to these conditions. It is possible to increase the drive systems’ useful life by selecting the ideal bearings or using customised engineering. Special attention should be paid to the materials and seals.

Double-row taper roller bearings for tractor transmissions
The key design feature of Double-row taper roller bearing is an asymmetrical design. One of the two rows of taper rollers uses longer rollers so that it can absorb especially high loads. Shorter rollers were chosen for the other row to minimize frictional losses and therefore losses of energy.

Flanged bearing unit for sowing machines
The flanged bearing unit for sowing system in agricultural machinery . This involved making adjustments to cater for higher load requirements: increased the load rating and An additional flinger supports the seal. This combination makes a long life possible in very dusty conditions.

Bearings for disc harrows
Similarly high demands are placed on bearings for disc harrows, which operate in direct contact with soil under high mechanical loads. For this application, which boast features such as a triple-lip nitrile rubber seal. These seals are fixed to a steel plate using adhesive and are highly effective. The bearings are available with round and square bores and with cylindrical and spherical outer rings.

Bearing inserts with triple-lip seals
Triple-lip seals are another design feature common to bearings for agricultural machinery. Bearing inserts with such seals have a longer life if the drive systems are exposed to a high level of contamination in the form of water or dust.

Tillage Trunnion Unit (TTU)
One of the most commonly used gang disc bearing arrangements is the trunnion housing with six lip seals.
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Post time: May-31-2022