The Performance characteristics of common bearing types

There are many types of bearings, such as : Deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, Angular contact ball bearings, Cylindrical roller bearings and Thrust spherical roller bearings,etc. In order to have a better understanding of the performance of these bearings, we have summarized some of the performance characteristics that will be reflected in the use of these bearings.Here are the characteristics of several common bearings :

Deep groove ball bearings
a. Mainly withstand radial loads;
b. It can also withstand a certain axial load in either direction;
c. Low manufacturing cost;
d. Low resistance and high limiting speed;
e. High rotation accuracy;
f. Low noise and vibration;
g. Have open type and sealed type.

Spherical roller bearings
a. Low speed, shock resistance and vibration resistance;
b. It has the function of automatic alignment.
c. Mainly bear a large radial load;
d. Can also withstand small axial loads.

Angular contact ball bearings
a. Can withstand both radial and axial combined load or only axial load;
b. Low resistance and high limiting speed;
c. High rotation accuracy;
d. Low noise and vibration;
e. Single row angular contact ball bearings can only withstand axial forces in one direction

Cylindrical roller bearings
a. The speed is lower than the same boundary dimension of ball bearings;
b. High precision;
c. Low noise and vibration;
d. Mainly bear radial load;
e. The inner and outer rings with flanges can withstand small axial loads.

Thrust spherical roller bearings
a. Can withstand high axial load and moderate radial load;
b. Low speed;
c. Large rigidity and impact resistance;
d. The shaft washer allows tilting;
e. High thrust bearing capacity and dynamic self-alignment ability.

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Post time: May-31-2022