What are the different types of chain drives?

Have you ever wondered about the mechanism used to run motorcycles and bicycles? You must have noticed the chain used to operate these vehicles. But do you have any knowledge about this chain? That mechanical power is known as a chain drive.

Chain Drives are a widely used component for transmitting power between two parts at a greater distance. But other than this, they are also used for shorter distances. The power is communicated by a roller chain, known as the drive chain, which passes over a sprocket gear, with the gear teeth intersecting holes in the chain’s links.

Let’s understand more about chain drives- their types and ways to select the correct ones with the chain sprocket suppliers.

What are the different types of chains used?

Roller Chain

Roller chain is famous for power transmission in motorcycles and bicycles. Besides the transportation industry, it is used in households and agriculture machinery. This chain is generally used in the single-strand standard chain roller chain. The power transmission is simple and reliable.

Leaf chain

These types of chains are not used for power transmission but instead lifting. These chains only consist of pinks and link plates. Multiple lifting and counterbalancing applications include lift trucks, forklifts, straddle carriers and lift masts. These lifting applications can readily handle high tensile stresses without breaking.

Engineering steel chain

These chains are the oldest form of chain drive. These are designed to handle the most challenging environments and the most demanding applications. These are made of links and pin joints. Undoubtedly these chains have been since the 1880s, but they are now designed as strength, leading capacity, and more with the present-day needs.

What are the factors to consider in chain drive?

As there are multiple varieties of chain designs, selecting the right kind of chain is overwhelming. We have narrowed the common factors to consider while choosing a drive chain.


The essential factor to consider is the power that needs to be transferred. The chain you are using must handle the power the prime mover produces. So, check the loading time.

Speed of chain

The next thing to consider is chain speed. You should obtain the specifications carry out calculations, and ensure that the rate is within the recommended range.

Distance between the shafts

It is said that the center distance between the shafts is in the range of 30-50 times the chain pitch. If you have any question about chain,please contact us cwlbearing .

Post time: Mar-05-2024