The Bearing structure and production process

The bearing structure is mainly composed of raw materials, bearing inner and outer rings, steel balls (bearing rollers) and cages. The following is their production process :

Bearing production process:

Bearing raw materials- internal ring, ball or roller machining, outer ring machining, cage (stamping or solid) machining Bearing assembly Finished bearing product.

1.Bearing inner and outer ring process:

Raw materials - forging – spheroidization annealing – turning – heat treatment – grinding – super finishing – parts final inspection – rust prevention and storage.

2.Processing process of steel balls:

Raw materials – forming-flashing - heat treatment – hard grinding – fine grinding – fine grinding or grinding – final inspection group – rust prevention, rough grinding, packaging – warehousing (to be assembled in the set).

3.Roller processing process:

Raw materials – forming -Barrel polishing- heat treatment – coarse grinding outer diameter – coarse grinding end face – final grinding end face – fine grinding outer diameter – final grinding outer diameter – final inspection group – rust prevention, packaging – warehousing (to be assembled in sets).

4.Cage processing:

Copper castings -Press forming-turning processing inner diameter, end face, chamfer – drilling (or drawing, boring) – deburring – pickling – final inspection – rust prevention, outer diameter, packaging – warehousing (to be assembled in the set).

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Post time: Nov-07-2022