How to distinguish the bearing accuracy and Bearing Tolerance Class


The key to the tolerance level of the bearing is to determine according to the rotation accuracy of the shaft to the support point.

Level 0: It is generally used for bearings with rotation accuracy exceeding 10 microns, which is very common. For example, the speed regulating mechanism and tool feeding mechanism of ordinary CNC lathes, the speed regulating mechanism of cars, the speed regulating mechanism of large tractors, the rotating mechanism of general chemical machinery such as motors, centrifugal pumps and agricultural machinery.

Level 6, Level 5: In high speed precision bearing systems or rotation accuracy of 5-10 microns , such as commonly used bearings for CNC lathes (level 5 for front support points and level 6 for rear support points), finer instruments and instruments Panels and their instruments, instrument panels and precision rotating mechanisms.

Level 4, Level 2: In ultra-instruments, such as precision coordinate milling machines, precision grinding machine transmission gear system software, such as instruments, dashboards and high-speed cameras, the rotation accuracy is not more than 5 microns, and the speed is relatively high. The old code name of China Bearing's precision grade code.

The norms formulated internationally are all formulated in accordance with ISO standards, generally unified with ISO, and some are relatively strict.

Bearing accuracy is divided into gauge accuracy and rotational accuracy. Divided into 0 degrees, 6X degrees, 6 degrees, 5 degrees, 4 degrees, 2 degrees.

In China, the previous bearing code regulations are: G grade (0), E grade (6), D grade (5), C grade (4), B grade (2). The current standard code generally adopts the German DIN specification.

P0(0), P6(6), P5(5), P4(4), P2(2) level(2). The general specification grade P0 is omitted when it is reflected in the bearing model specification. Only for P6 or above grade, the grade code appears in the bearing model specification.For example: 6205 and 6205/P5, the accuracy level of 6205 is P0, which is just omitted. The accuracy 6205/P5 is P5 , It displayed in 6205 suffix.

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Post time: Jan-12-2023